Whether you’re new to sales or just new to digital media sales, this intensive two-day course will help you take your career to the next level. The course focuses on the key areas of understanding you need to have know in order to be a successful and knowledgeable digital media salesperson:

1) Comprehending the Digital Advertising Ecosystem
2) Prospecting and Conducting a Client Needs Analysis
4) Managing Digital Advertising Campaigns and Analyzing Campaign Performance
5) Building your Personal Brand/Thought-Leadership

Through a combination of instructor lead analysis of these topics and exercises 准备参与!), attendees will come away with an elevated knowledge of digital media, the sales process and what soft skills are required to take your career to the next level.


凯利桑德森,教育总监 PG电子官方平台注册 
卡桑德拉奥福特,客户经理 影迷


Sales teams at publishing organizations (digital or traditional). Perfect if you’re part of a publisher or network sales team and want to effectively sell online advertising and the benefits of digital.

Also a good prep course for those who are preparing to take the 数字媒体销售证书 考试.


3月24日 & 25, 2022上午10时至下午5时英语虚拟

If you have any questions about participating remotely or if you have a question about the course, 请与我们联络 courses@apexpossible.com.


  • 课程包括午餐休息时间.
  • 课程结束时间可能会有所不同.
  • 所有课程时间均列于EST.


Day 1 Agenda – The Digital Advertising Ecosystem


      1. 1.1:数字媒体的加拿大足迹
      2. 1.2:消费者购买漏斗
      3. 1.3:数字时代的传统营销理念
      4. 1.4 .付费、挣得和拥有


      1. 2.1 .数字媒体生态系统
      2. 2.2:购买侧景
      3. 2.3:出售侧景
      4. 2.4:内容分发
      5. 2.5:程序化的景观
      6. 2.6:编程构造


      1. 3.1:搜索引擎营销
      2. 3.2:广告
      3. 3.3:移动广告格式
      4. 3.社交媒体广告格式
      5. 3.5:视频广告格式
      6. 3.6:原生广告格式
      7. 3.7:音频广告格式
      8. 3.8:移动应用程序
      9. 3.9:跨设备的使用


      1. 4.1:定义成功指标
      2. 4.2:数字活动类型
      3. 4.3:数据来源
      4. 4.4:媒体数学


      1. 5.1:研究工具
      2. 5.2:广告服务如何工作
      3. 5.3:广告服务技术
      4. 5.4:媒体测量
      5. 5.5:针对选项
      6. 5.6:归因信息


      1. 6.1:广告的法律
      2. 6.2:隐私法
      3. 6.3:反垃圾邮件法
      4. 6.行为广告法
      5. 6.5:可视性
      6. 6.6:视频广告服务标准
      7. 6.7:显示广告标准



      1. 8.1:进行品牌和客户调研
      2. 8.2:了解你的价值
      3. 8.3:邀请建议书(rfp)
      4. 8.4:优先考虑的目标
      5. 8.5: kpi(关键绩效指标)
      6. 8.6:你需要在推销前进行讨论


      1. 通过一系列的乐趣, interactive group exercises we’ll practice the art of active listening and discussion is role in sales.


      1. 10.1:提案过程
      2. 10.2:数字媒体定价模式
      3. 10.3:创造一个完美的提案


      1. In this section we will explore practical things you can do to become a more engaging and persuasive presenter.


      1. 12.1:发行时间
      2. 12.2:活动启动清单
      3. 12.3:节奏和优化
      4. 12.4:分析活动绩效


      1. 13.1 .评估你的优势
      2. 13.2:获得思想领袖的地位

Obtaining your 数字媒体销售证书

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        • 非常的信息. Couldn’t be more pleased with the success of this course & 我所获得的知识. - 2019年10月参加
        • Thank you for the insightful Digital Media experience! I learned quite a bit, and have my trusty book to review -凯利谢立克, 里卡多媒体
        • 谢谢你的精彩课程!  哇,好多东西要消化! ——安吉拉•琼斯



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