Our guidelines are designed to help the Canadian marketing community realize maximum efficiency & effectiveness in order to drive business results.

Best Practices to Eliminate Non-Human Inventory Sources

PG电子官方平台注册 Canada assembled a small task force in late 2014 to discuss the issues, and possible solutions, for dealing with non-human traffic within the digital advertising ecosystem. The task force was comprised of Andrew Casale (Index Exchange), Matt Thornton (Google),…

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Best Practices – Preventing Traffic Fraud

Advertisers expect that all online content is delivered to human audiences. But an alarming portion of digital advertising is being diverted by nefarious entities that exploit the ecosystem to deliver fraudulent traffic. The potential for fraud exists anywhere that media…

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Mobile Checklist for Marketers

There are four elements every marketer should be asking of their agencies to ensure their digital advertising shows up successfully across all screens. 1. Make sure that your media agency buys mobile impressions on smartphones and tablets. For your media…

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